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Dear EPPL751 Students:

Please post your final powerpoint presentations on this page below.

Thank you for an engaging summer session (however brief!). I have learned much from you and about your interests in education and educational research. I aim to return assignments within the next week so please continue to check email. For preComps students interested in continuing to use this site as a reference, I will keep it up and available for enrolled students and can continue to fill in our social theory critique rubric if you will find it helpful or useful.

Best wishes in the next few days with getting the PROPOSAL assignment done, and please don't hesitate to contact me by email with questions beyond this summer session.

Warm Regards,

Monica Griffin

Monica - I may be totally missing something, but I am not sure how to post an outside file (powerpoint) on this page. I assume it is under the "Edit" feature somewhere, but can't figure it out. Help! Thanks! - Sean Heuvel- Sean, go to Edit, click "File" then click the button that says "Upload file," once it uploads, click on the file to put it on the wiki page. Hope that helps! -Kristen

Thanks, Kristen! Your instructions were quite helpful and it helped me figure out how to do it. I originally thought that you could only click on the "Upload File" button after you had selected a file from your desktop, and I couldn't figure out how to do that. Thanks again for clearing everything up! - Sean

Second Language Acquisition and International Service-Learning
Kristen Tarantino

Comparing Academic and Non-Academic Culture
Sean Heuvel

College Choice
Justine Okerson

Student Loan Debt Among Law Students: Perceptions, Influenecs, and Effects
Heather DiAngelis

Intercultural Interaction
Jana McQuaid

Eee! Learning!
John Drummond

Gender and Higher Education Leadership in Pakistan
Tehmina Khwaja